Spare Change in the Money Jar

When my kids were younger, I used to empty the change in my purse every week into a large money  jar. Once a year at my family summer get-together, I would throw my spare change into the air like confetti.  Then I would watch as the kids and adults jumped in the air to get the coins! Everyone had so much fun! Well, it was fun until the year someone was not paying attention and got bonked on the head with a quarter. While this person was not actually injured, the thought occurred to me that someone could get hurt. The tradition ended right then and there. What did I do with all my spare change that next year? Absolutely nothing. It just collected in the bottom of my purses until the ice cream truck came around.

These days there are apps devoted to solving my spare change dilemma. One that I have been using is Acorns, a micro-investment application. This smartphone-based investment app connects to my debit card. Each time I make a purchase, it rounds the total up to the nearest dollar. Finally, it deposits that rounded up amount into my Acorns account. The cool thing is I can watch my balance grow right on the app! For example, if I purchase groceries for $18.02, Acorns rounds up the charge to $19 and deposits the rounded-up amount of $.92 into my Acorns account. There are so many features available on this app that help me save without even trying. A few bucks here and there really can add up.

Besides helping me save money, Acorns  helps me make money by offering a $5 referral bonus for me and my friends when they sign up using a link provided. Check out Acorns for yourself and start saving and making extra money. Sign up via this $5 Acorns New Account Bonus Link to get a $5 free credit for yourself when you create a new account. Other apps that offer similar services in micro-saving and investment are Stash, Betterment, Chime, Qapital, and Digit.




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